Ubuntu After Install

Automated installation a lot of useful extra software on Ubuntu after the initial desktop install. 

This program installs a collection of some of the best Ubuntu software and can be considered to be one of the top things to do after installing Ubuntu.

Selecting and Installing all the extra software on a new Ubuntu computer can be time consuming. I wanted to automate the process on new machines as well as simplify the installation for new users. All comments and improvements are very welcome as this is purely a personal project at this point and must be considered a work in progress.

The application will install the latest versions of all software listed below as well as add the required PPA's to keep the software up to date.

* Update September 2014 : 100 000+ downloads and counting.

Extra Software Installed:

Ubuntu Restricted Extras video codecs and Flash Plugin

libdvdcss to enable DVD playback 

Unity Tweak Tool to tweak your desktop settings

Numix Circle Icons to add style to your desktop
Variety is a feature rich wallpaper changer for Ubuntu
My Weather Indicator for local weather information

Google Chrome is arguably the best browser available  

Tor Browser for anonymous internet browsing

LibreOffice is the complete open source Office software replacement  

Telegram Messenger for private messaging
Skype offers text, voice and video chat
Pidgin all in one instant messenger
DropBox will sync your DropBox cloud storage 
VLC will play any video file you can imagine  
KODI is a complete home media center experience
Radio Tray will stream online radio to your desktop 
Spotify for your music streaming needs
GIMP is powerful image editing software  
Darktable allows photographers to process RAW files
Inkscape is vector based illustration and graphics editor
Scribus professional quality desktop publishing software
OpenShot is a great video editor ideal for most users 
Kdenlive for more advanced video editing 
Handbrake to convert DVD's and videos for mobile devices
Audacity for music and sound editing 
Steam gaming platform for unlimited gaming joy on Linux 
KeePass to store all your passwords securely
Shutter allows you to do easy screenshots 
FileZilla  for FTP file up- and downloads
BleachBit for secure file and history delete
Samba allows for windows network sharing
PDF Tools to merge, cut, append and edit PDF documents
p7zip adds the powerful 7zip file compression and decompression
Oracle Java 7 ads full Java software support
Atom is a great code editor from GitHub
Brackets for web development originally by Adobe

For more information on these programs visit the software selection page


  • OPTION 1: Add the Ubuntu After Install PPA to your software sources and install Ubuntu After Install. Open a terminal window and enter:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thefanclub/ubuntu-after-install
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-after-install
  • OPTION 2: Download the Ubuntu After Install application directly (download link at bottom of page). Double click on the downloaded .deb file to Install the application using the Ubuntu Software Center or manually with dpkg -i from the command line.
  • Once installed search Ubuntu Dash for Ubuntu After install and start the application.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions (see screenshots below)


  • Ubuntu 12.04 or later Desktop installed.
  • NOTE : With newer releases of Ubuntu some of the items might not be available yet and will not be installed. You can install these items later when newer versions are released.

Using Ubuntu After Install

  • Start the application from the dash by searching for Ubuntu After Install.
  • Follow the on screen instructions.

  • Select the software you would like to install and click Install Now to begin.

  • Once you have started the install process be very patient as the installation will take a while to complete
  • Once an application has been installed successfully it will be marked with green dot as shown below.
  • If there is a problem with the install of an application, or if it is not available for your version of Ubuntu it will be marked with a red dot.
  • It is not a good idea to stop or interrupt the install process once it has begun.

  • Software that has already been installed will not be selected by default, but you can select these items to re-install or upgrade the software to the latest versions.
  • Software marked with an orange dot will be re-installed / upgraded.








Version 1.1 released

Version 1.1 released. Software added - Vinagre, Unity Tweak Tool, MyUnity, My Weather Indicator, Calendar Indicator

Version 1.2 released.

Version 1.2 released. Software added - XScreenSaver and OpenShot

Version 1.3 released.

Version 1.3 released. Installation Report added. Improved installation checks.

What software should be added

What software should be added to the list of Ubuntu After Install in future releases ?

Version 1.4 released.

Version 1.4 released. Improved Ubuntu 13.04 support

Many people don't like to add

Many people don't like to add PPA's for security reasons; it would be nice to have a flag indicating PPA dependency.

Maybe some encrypt software:

Maybe some encrypt software: encFS, Gnome Encfs Manager, truecrypt Also: cinnamon, conky

PPA dependant software in the

PPA dependant software in the list have a * after the name as indicated in the main software selection window.

This is good.

This is good. Currently I'm working on something similar for a fresh Debian install. My idea is to use an interface that can be displayed on the command line (no GTK) and instead of listing individual packages, listing categories that will install packages related to the catagories (audio/video production, office, scientific, gaming, programming, etc.). My plan is to reduce the need for the plethora of distros that seem to be flooding the 'Linuxsphere' by borrowing their lists of installed packages and including it in my script. Your script here reminded me of my current project except you make it where a person selects individual packages and mine makes it where a person selects categories of packages. Feel free to use some of my ideas because I will probably be using some of yours.

This is a great idea, similar

This is a great idea, similar to Ninite for windows. I'll definitely use this for my impending Ubuntu 13.04 beta fresh install.


gnome-panel bleachbit y-ppa-manager gparted psensors minitube gmediafinder tv-maxe radiotray great little radio

K3b, smplayer, giplayer,

K3b, smplayer, giplayer, krita, phatch, amarok, audacious, transmageddon,

variety, synapse, guake

variety, synapse, guake

fpc, jdk, g++, netbeans,

fpc, jdk, g++, netbeans, mysql, gnome-mplayer, synaptic, jupiter, pinta, cheese, wine, xarchiver, 7zip, ark, cairo-doc, tex-live, texmaker, gnome-shell, gnome-shell-extensions, shell-extensions3.4

Maybe: RSSOwl, XChat, Pidgin,

Maybe: RSSOwl, XChat, Pidgin, Chromium, qBittorrent, uGet, JDownloader, Bluefish, Geany, Arista Transcoder, OGMRip, Avidemux, EasyTag, Rainlendar2lite, ClipIt, Drawers, Arronax, Kazam Screencaster.

Hello All.

Hello All. Thanks for you program. One thing you should do with your software - firstly add all PPA's and then update the software center one time

It would be the better way to

It would be the better way to add all the ppa's first. The program evolved beyond the original "few" extra programs to many. Will follow you advice in a future release.

Like others have suggested, 7

Like others have suggested, 7-zip. Also please add Spotify. Meanwhile, I like the software you have created, many thanks.

Felicitaciones, muy buena

Felicitaciones, muy buena idea. Cosas como esta tendrán un gran futuro.

I think the admin of this web

I think the admin of this web page is in fact working hard in favor of his web site, as here every information is quality based information.



* Ubuntu 13,04 users that

* Ubuntu 13,04 users that have a problem with the installer try : sudo apt-get install software-properties-common , and run the installer again. For more information on this issue see : http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2013/04/how-to-fix-add-apt-repository-command.html . Will add this as dependency in future releases.

Why no PPA for this program?

Why no PPA for this program?

You have provided a great

You have provided a great website.

tengo un problema, al momento

tengo un problema, al momento de instalar no se completo la instalacion y ahora no arranca auxilio, alguien que me pueda ayudar, tengo ubuntu 13.04 y soy nuevo en ubuntu...

No hay nada en la instalación

No hay nada en la instalación que hará que el equipo no se inicie. Todos los programas son "extras". La instalación tarda mucho tiempo en completarse. Reinicie el equipo e intente de nuevo la instalación. También puede intentar lo siguiente en un terminal: "sudo apt-get -f install". Esto solucionará los problemas de instalación.

disculpa, no me explique bien

disculpa, no me explique bien, me refiero a lo siguiente, descargue el archivo .deb, luego lo ejecute y me abrio el centro de software de ubuntu, me dio la opcion de instalar, le di instalar, espere y luego del mensaje de instalado, debio haber iniciado la aplicacion after istall pero no sale nada, lo busque en el dash y nada, porque sera eso...

Después de instalar el

Después de instalar el archivo deb, abra una ventana de terminal y escriba: gksudo /bin/bash /opt/thefanclub/ubuntu-after-install/ubuntu-after-install , para iniciar el programa si no aparece en el dash.

Hi, I've used your good

Hi, I've used your good utility for installing packages, I'd like to how to roll-back some installations (like faenza icon theme, which it's not easy for me to adapt). Is there in the plans an uninstall function with complete or selective removal of packages? Thanks for your help Mauro

All the software and PPA's

All the software and PPA's can be removed via the Ubuntu Software Center. Changing the icon theme back to the default can be done with the Unity Tweak Tool / MyUnity or from the command line with : gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme 'unity-icon-theme'.

Muchachos muchas gracias de

Muchachos muchas gracias de verda que ha sido de gran ayuda, me funciona perfectamente.

* Version 1.5 - Released:

* Version 1.5 - Released: Added Variety and p7zip due to popular demand. Fixed launch issue with Ubuntu 13.04.

nice app! but only work with

nice app! but only work with ubuntu..... :S it whould be nice if it worked ( lauch after installing) with Mint 15 Olivia...

* Version 2.0 - Released:

* Version 2.0 - Released: Version 2 is a complete re-write in Python and updated installation profiles.

* Version 2.2- Released:

* Version 2.2- Released: Fixed Progress bar display issues. Splash screen appears quicker. Tested on Ubuntu 13.10 - most of the software is available for 13.10 and does install correctly.

* Version 2.3 - Released:

* Version 2.3 - Released: Radio Tray added.

the new 2.3 beta version

the new 2.3 beta version seems to work with linuxmint 15 olivia ;) congrat's on this fine app!

Lo he instalado en Linux Mint

Lo he instalado en Linux Mint 13 mate y cuando lo abro me pide contraseña de root y despues se cierra y no hace nada ¿alguien sabe algo?

Hi, this script its

Hi, this script its opensource? Can I modify it?

Hi Mario. Yes it is open

Hi Mario. Yes it is open source software - it was released under the GNU LGPL license. Free to modify for personal use. You are more than welcome to contribute to the project.

* Version 2.4 - Released

Software list updated for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Fixed apt cache update code bug for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Extended online check timeout.

new 2.4 version

thanks for your fabtastic work on this app! much appreciated ;)

android adb and tools

maybe adding...

Netflix Desktop

Would it be possible to add the Netflix Desktop ppa to this also? Along with that, maybe adding WiNE itself also? Netflix Desktop uses their own rolled-version of WiNE in order to make things work, so it's installed alongside the official version. Have a great day.:) Patrick.


Please add java and eclipse repo :)

* Version 2.5 - Released

Added list update feature. This version checks for updates and downloads a new software list if needed. Software added : Numix Circle Icon Theme, My Weather Indicator, Tor Browser, BleachBit, KODI, Spotify, Pidgin, Oracle Java 7

* Version 2.6 - Released

Fixed Ubuntu 15.04 splash screen display issue.

what happen if stop or

what happen if stop or interrupt the install process? it run in the background?

Guayadeque Music Player

This player is awesome: Light weight, fast, includes radio stations and lyrics tab.

VirtualBox, SystemBackup, FreeFileSync,

VirtualBox: run Virtual Machines, I'm surprised this major app is not already included SystemBackup: Create LiveISO of current system (awesome!), plus various backup/restore functions FreeFileSync: Excellent way to compare and synchronize contents in multiple folders pyrenamer: bulk file renaming app, great for cleaning up the music collection