Tor Tools - Tor status monitor and control


Tor Tools is an application indicator and GUI frontend for the Tor service.

Designed to use Tor for system wide privacy and security.



 Desktop privacy and security 
 Tor service control 
 Tor IP and location display
 Private and secure DNS
 Use Tor Bridges
 Select exit node location
 Network proxy control


  • For more information visit How to use Tor Tools to protect your desktop privacy

  • Tested on :

    • Ubuntu 20.04, 21.10 (Ubuntu)

    • Kubuntu 21.10 (KDE)

    • Debian 11 (Gnome)

    • Mint 20.2 (Cinnamon)

    • Pop!_OS 21.04  (Cosmic)

    • Fedora 35 (Gnome)

    • Manjaro 21.1 (Xfce)

    • MacOS 11.6 (Big Sur)

  • Fedora and Debian Gnome desktop users need to install the Application Indicator support extension.

  • Manjaro/Arch users need to install obfs4proxy to /usr/bin/obfsproxy from AUR or compile before using Tor Bridges.

  • Mac users need to install the following from Homebrew via the command line with:

    brew install tor torsocks obfs4proxy socat cloudflare/cloudflare/cloudflared
  • To install the latest version of Tor for Debian visit Tor Debian Repository

  • To install the latest version of Tor for Fedora visit Tor rpm packages

  • More information about DNS over Tor visit Introducing DNS Resolver for Tor

  • To enable Tor over HTTPS users need to install cloudflared. Once installed the option will be avaiable in TorTools. Downloads and installation instructions available at Cloudflare Downloads

  • All feedback appreciated.



Download Version 1.5 beta

Supports 32bit and 64bit for all architectures on Linux. MacOS 64bit Intel only