Free IP DDNS service Duck DNS setup script for Linux and OSX

I was looking for a Free IP DDNS service and decided to try Duck DNS . Two very talented developers have created a free cloud based DDNS service.

This is a quick setup guide for Duck DNS on most Linux / Unix based computers, and a setup script to make things easier. 


Go to and sign in with your  Facebook, Reddit or Google account. Choose a sub-domain to use, get a token and you are done with registration.


The installation instructions on the website are very detailed but can be confusing for new users so I decided to write an install script to automate things a bit.

The script takes the exact instructions from the site for Linux Cron and automates it for the user. It is a very basic bash script will run on most Linux / Unix based systems that support bash and cron.

There are two main versions - a command line and GUI version for both Linux and OSX.

The Linux GUI version requires zenity to be installed.

Tested on Ubuntu, Raspbian and OSX.

Command Line Version

The script will create a cron job that updates your IP every 5 Minutes with Duck DNS for your sub-domain. 

  • Download below and extract the file to your users home folder
  • To run the script open a terminal window and enter:
chmod +x
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

  • To un-install and remove Duck DNS settings, open a terminal window and enter:
./ remove

Graphic Install Version

Mac OSX version

  • Download the Mac OSX GUI version from the Download section below.
  • You will need to override Gatekeeper on OSX to allow the program to run.
  • Double click on the extracted Duck DNS Setup file to run.

  • To Un-Install and remove all settings simply run Duck DNS Un-Install provided in the setup DMG


Linux GUI Version

  • Install zenity if it is not installed already. On debian based linux systems open a terminal and enter
sudo apt-get install zenity
  • Download the Linux GUI version below and extract the file to your users home folder
  • To run the script open a terminal window and enter:
chmod +x




Thanks for your time spent

Thanks for your time spent creating these instructions, I'd like to have a look over them in a bit and potentially use them on the site. Any objections?

Thank you for a great DDNS

Thank you for a great DDNS service ! Please feel free to use as you see fit.

Thanks again - we have added

Thanks again - we have added your instructions and scripts to our site

instructions for Mac OSX

you never mention the OSX utility name, and althought you say "Mac OSX version: Download the GUI version below." there is no link below, and not mention of the software needed. i really want to set this up, i tried the command like but the crontab setting failed. i was only using command like because there is no info about the OSX utility used. if you could repair this would be wonderful.

Try Scolling Down

If you scroll down to the end of the page you will find 3 links to the various versions under the heading Download. The OSX version can be found there.

After setup?

Thank you for this! I have set up the OSX GUI software. Do I need to do anything to make it start every time when I start the computer or anything else?

After setup

@Patrick - no, the ip will be updated via a cron job every 5min.


You hero! This works perfectly on ubuntu server. Thanks!